New Logo !

In the last months, we completely re-worked the graphic guidelines behind IDEN project. And as every startups does, we did A LOT of iterations on almost… everything. One of our biggest pride is our new logo. In fact we are quite happy to present you this new version of IDEN before its coming soon launch. […]

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From Exode to IDEN

IDEN wasn’t IDEN from the beginning. The first draft of IDEN has a codename : Exode. Exode was more than just a prototyped wireframe, it was a complete sandbox for us to test the concept and raise critical points, helping us on choosing the right developments technologies or the good way to design the final game. Our identity has […]

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What’s IDEN ?

Before going into deep subjects like design, development, marketing approaches, we should speak about the project… IDEN is the first « geo-cash-in » concept or being more friendly the largest treasure hunt ever launched on mobile. With the IDEN application you’ll be able to catch virtual vaults around you, during your walk to the office, running in the parc […]

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Opening the Blog

Welcome on the iden Blog ! As you may know iden is a quite innovative concept we are actually building, and we truly think that all the innovation behind it should be shared to the world as great thoughts for the future. We’ll post here some researches around mobile, back-end development, ergonomy, design and everything that […]

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